About our company

BH Tungsten Grinders Ltd was established in 1996 and is the sole UK importer of the Patented Inelco Ultima-Tig tungsten electrode grinder. The Ultima-Tig was then complemented by the introduction of the portable Neutrix tungsten grinder about a year later. Both offer fully enclosed grinding chambers ensuring no dust exposure to the operator, without the need for additional extraction.

The activities of BH Tungsten Grinders in the TIG welding market brought the UK rights to Schnorrer gas purging equipment, the majority of which is patented.

The Schnorrer range is amongst the widest in the world, with many special designs. It is used extensively for critical work in the nuclear, oil and gas, food and pharmaceutical industries.

The Bymat Stainless Steel Cleaners entered the BH Tungsten Grinder product range in 2001 to compliment the other products and their applications within the stainless steel market. The cleaners are easy to use and are highly effective in removing heat discoloration and other marks that diminish the appearance of the finished fabrications, especially those that will be in the public eye. The Bymat range can be used with our Weld Brush system and will also emboss logos and part numbers etc on to all conductive surfaces making it the most versatile machine on the market.

BH Tungsten Grinders became the UK agent for Siegmund Welding Tables in 2005. These professional welding and clamping systems are ideal for clamping pipework and other fabrications, where accuracy and repeatability is required. The quick release clamping system is fast and easy to use and is perfect for batch production work or proto-typing and bespoke products. The flexibility of the system and sheer volume of accessories available make the variations for construction limitless.

In order to expand the product range further, BH Tungsten Grinders introduced a range of Inflatable Purge Dams in 2010. This range includes Standard Twin Purge Dams, Fast Purge and Multi-Size Fast Purge. The latter covers a range of pipe bore diameters within a single system thus reducing the number of dams required. Specialist fabric coverings for chemical and heat resistance are also available.

Most items are available from stock along with all associated consumables for a next day delivery.