Bymat Templates

Key Features

  • Templates for Dark and Light Marking
  • Can be used with the following machines:-
  • 1024 RS
    1124 RS (Dark marking only)
    1030 RS
  • Long term templates capable of being used up to 5000 times
  • Short term templates capable of being used up to 5 times
  • Custom made to your design/requirements
  • Any size possible

Long Term Templates
These long term templates are custom made to your design. They are ideal for company logos, company contact information, name plates, serial numbers, part numbering, scales, trademarks, graphics, and texts etc.
Simply send the design to BH Tungsten Grinders in PDF or JPG format, and we will make the design into to a long term template.
Each long term template is suitable for up to 5000 uses, for both dark marking onto stainless steel and/or light marking (etching) onto any conductive metal.

Short Term Templates (Stencil Tape)
Short term templates are ideal for dark and/or light marking text for one off jobs. For example date codes, serial numbers etc, where the number changes each time. In the case of changing the number or letters each time, it is more cost effective to use stencil tape than a long term template.
These short term templates can be produced yourself. Simply purchase a small label printing machine from BH Tungsten Grinders along with the stencil tape and produce your own.