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Making your life easier.

Welding tables squares example

Why struggle by working on the floor or with a bench that is easy to damage, not flat, level or square, when you can make your life so much easier? If you want to start working smarter rather than harder, then the best place to start is with your welding bench. Think of it as like building a house. You wouldn’t start by putting the roof on, that would be ridiculous. First of all, you have to lay good foundations, and setting up for efficient and easier welding processes is just the same. Get your welding table correct first, and then everything will follow on.

Using a welding table from BH Tungsten Grinders Ltd will instantly give you a flat, level surface to work with, plus an aid for squaring and measuring. Also, by using the simple one-handed quick release tools that we supply with our welding tables, you can position and clamp your parts in place in a fraction of the time. Once the parts are secured, all you have to do is concentrate on making that perfect weld. It’s undeniable that this is far more efficient and less stressful than attempting to juggle and hold several parts at once. Sometimes you may feel that you need three hands, or that you’re holding something steady with your foot while using a bumpy concrete floor as your worksurface.

Maybe you feel that the cost of the tables is an expense you can manage without, but believe us when we say; you will save money and time and increase your production by making that one-off investment. It also creates a much safer working environment.

Perhaps you have concerns that a welding table will not last very long due to the nature of the work carried out on it? There’s no need to worry about damaging it, setting it on fire or melting the surface, it simply isn’t going to happen thanks to the combination of processes that make these tables super tough.

All of our welding tables come in a variety of sizes, to suit every process and budget. There are three systems available 16, 22, or 28 depending on the weight and size of the welded component. For more information call us on 0116 2864343 or email