Multi-Size Inflatable purge dams

Key Features

  • Inflatable purge dam for purging medium bore pipe and tube
  • Each system covers a range of pipe bore diameters
  • Size ranges from 41mm to 355mm inside diameter
  • Easily pushed or pulled into position
  • Unique guide spheres aid passage around tight bends
  • Luminous strip for easy centring at the pipe joint
  • Pre-set purge valves
  • Lower gas volumes required resulting in cost savings
  • Shorter purge times reducing waiting time between welds
  • Easy to use Plug and Purge Technology
  • Lightweight and collapsible for easy storage
  • Single point gas connection for inflation and purging
  • Patented Design
  • Manufactured in the UK


This Inflatable Multi-Size purge system makes an effective seal for purging pipework, across a wide range of pipe diameters. Each Purge system covers multiple pipe sizes and schedules, resulting in fewer systems needed. Four Multi-size Inflatable purge systems cover 1 ½ – 14 inches, compared with conventional inflatable systems which would require fourteen separate units.

This is a professional robust solution for purging of stainless steel, duplex and other alloy pipework resulting in shiny, oxide free weld roots.

With its “Plug and Purge Technology”, simply connect to a dedicated and regulated gas supply and choose any flow rate, up to 80 litres per minute, through the pre-set purge valve. Setup times are dramatically reduced.

As the pipe/tube is only purged between the inflated dams, lower gas volumes are required resulting in cost and time savings

The system only requires a single point connection to gas supply for both inflation and purging making it extremely simple to use.

When ready to weld, the system is easily pushed or pulled into position and aligned at the pipe joint using the luminous strip to locate the system centrally to the root gap. This prevents the system from being positioned incorrectly.

Compared with rigid pipe purging systems the Multi-Size system is lightweight and collapsible for easy storage.

Sizing Chart (Pipe Inside Diameters)

Part Number Size Size Range
Inches mm Inches mm
APFMS001 1 1/2 41 1 5/8 – 3 3/8 41 – 85
APFMS003 3 1/8 80 3 1/8 – 6 3/4 80 – 170
APFMS006 6 3/4 170  6 3/4 – 10 1/2 170 – 270
APFMS010 10 1/4 257 10 1/4 – 14 257 – 355

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Multi-Size Inflatable Pipe Purge Systems