Single Ended Inflatable pipe stopper

Key Features

  • Inflatable pipe stopper for blanking off ambient air in a pipework system.
  • Size ranges from 50mm to 900mm inside diameter
  • Easily pushed or pulled into position
  • Inflate with compressed air to form a seal inside the pipe.
  • Easy to use
  • Range of fabrics available
  • Lightweight and collapsible for easy storage
  • Manufactured in the UK


This range of Inflatable Single Ended Pipe Stoppers are designed for blanking off ambient air and make an effective seal for purging pipework prior to welding. Once in position, the bag is inflated from a regulated compressed air supply to form a tight seal inside the pipe.

This is a professional robust solution for purging of stainless steel, duplex and other alloy pipework resulting in shiny, oxide free weld roots.

As the pipe/tube is only purged between the inflated dams, lower gas volumes are required resulting in cost and time savings

Compared with rigid pipe purging systems the inflatable system is lightweight and collapsible for easy storage.

The stopper is easily pushed or pulled into position and its modular construction makes for easy part replacement.

Available in a range of specialist fabrics including:-

Nylon Standard fabric
Nitrile Oil and Petro-Chemical resistant
Nomex Flame retardant/Heat resistant
Ceramic Fibre Insulated Heat resistant to 300 Degrees C


Sizes available:- 50mm – 900mm (25mm increments)
2” –  36”  (1″ increments)

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Single Ended Inflatable Pipe Stoppers