Prisms / System 16

Key Features

  • Prisms offer stable support for irregular shaped items onto the table
  • Ideal for pipework and square section workpieces
  • Range of different diameters and angles available
  • Available in burnished, aluminium and polyamide materials



Siegmund welding tables offer a wide range of prisms for positioning tubular components.

Siegmund welding tables Prisms 50mm

Prism 50mm diameter:-
Fits direct to the table surface
Angles available90/120˚
Extension spacers available


Prism 80mm diameter:-
Suitable for larger items
Angles available 120˚
Extension spacers available


Siegmund welding tables. Clamping cone.

Clamping cone:-
For clamping on internal diameters of pipework
Suitable for pipes up to 45mm I.D.
Burnished finish only


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