SC Profi Flange Cones

Key Features

  • Unique design for purging flanges, couplings and short pipe lengths.
  • Can be used on pipe internal diameters of 16mm – 270mm
  • Triple Sealing lips on outlet
  • Aluminium self centring cone
  • Temperature resistant to 340˚C for up to 1 hour
  • UV resistant
  • Substantial cost savings in gas and time
  • Patented sintered metal gas diffuser
  • Laminar flow of purge gas means zero turbulence behind the weld joint during purging
  • Quick release hose fitting


Walter Schnorrer SC Profi Flange-Cone is designed for purging when welding flanges, couplings and short pipe lengths.

The tool consists of three parts: an aluminium cone, a gas connection pipe and the well known and proven SC Profi disc with an integrated sintered stainless steel gas diffuser.The construction of the gas diffuser guarantees a laminar flow of gas without turbulence during purging and the welding process. Gas flow rates in litres/minute during purging are 10% of the internal diameter (mm) of the pipe, and typical purging times are less than 1.5 minutes.

A further advantage of the Flange-Cone is that it can be used as an alignment tool to hold the pipe sections together and centre them at the same time.

See table below for sizing information

Part Number Description ID (mm)
Flange Cones
180100 SC Flange-Cone Ø16-39 mm 16-39
180101 SC Flange-Cone Ø34-80 mm 34-80
180102 SC Flange-Cone Ø80-116 mm 80-116
180103 SC Flange-Cone Ø118-168 mm 118-168
180104 SC Flange-Cone Ø168-216 mm 168-216
180105 SC Flange-Cone Ø215-270 mm 215-270
Connections, stainless steel
1705652 Gas connection pipe SS 1/8″ 40 mm long
1705653 Gas connection pipe SS 1/8″ 60 mm long
1705654 Gas connection pipe SS 1/8″ 100 mm long
1705655 Gas connection pipe SS 1/8″ 150 mm long
SC Profi Special Silicone Rubber Inlet
1712017 SC Profi Ø17 inlet 13-16
1712021 SC Profi Ø21 inlet 16-20
1712024 SC Profi Ø24 inlet 18-23
1712030 SC Profi Ø30 inlet 23-29
1712039 SC Profi Ø39 inlet 29-38
1712045 SC Profi Ø45 inlet 36-43
1712057 SC Profi Ø57 inlet 42-53
1712060 SC Profi Ø60 inlet 45-58
1712070 SC Profi Ø70 inlet 55-67
1712082 SC Profi Ø82 inlet 68-80
1712095 SC Profi Ø95 inlet 79-92
1712117 SC Profi Ø117 inlet 98-114
1712145 SC Profi Ø145 inlet 120-136
1712176 SC Profi Ø176 inlet 150-168
1712182 SC Profi Ø182 inlet 155-170
1712220 SC Profi Ø220 inlet 190-205
1712231 SC Profi Ø231 inlet 195-215

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