WS and WS Plus Gas Cylinders

Key Features

  • Simple and effective pipe purging device
  • Double Sealing lips on inlet and outlet
  • Covers pipe sizes 145 mm – 1000 mm inside diameters
  • Temperature resistant to 280˚C for up to 1 hour
  • UV resistant
  • Substantial cost savings in gas and time
  • Patented sintered metal gas diffuser
  • Slides easily round elbows and bends with a pull ball system
  • Extremely low purge times (2.5 minutes)
  • Laminar flow of purge gas means zero turbulence behind the weld joint during purging
  • Quick release hose fitting


The Walter Schnorrer and WS Plus Gas Cylinders are available for pipes from 145 mm to 1000 mm diameter. These tools have two heat-resistant sealing lips, with the WS Purge Gas Cylinder being heat-resistant to 280ºC for up to one hour, and the WS Plus Gas Cylinder taking 340ºC for up to one hour. The tools have extremely short purge times of only 2.5 minutes for all dimensions, a feature that no other purge tools provide.

When welding thin-walled pipes with only few elbows, it is recommended to use the WS Gas Cylinder, fitted with a pull ball if necessary. The WS Plus Purge Gas Cylinder is suitable for critical applications in the offshore industry and, if mounted with an optional pull system, goes through several bends without any problems.

The difference between the WS and the WS Plus is in the design and heat-resistant material of the sealing lips. By changing the lips, e.g. the sealing lips on a 265 mm WS can be replaced with 12″lips, it is possible to weld three different pipe diameters with the same cylinder. The product difference is illustrated in the photograph, which shows the WS Plus (black seals) with deeper sealing lips. This ensures that the tool is always tight to the pipe wall, including those applications where bends are encountered.

See table below for sizing information.


WS Gas Cylinder

Part Number Description ID (mm)
1000150 WS Gas cylinder Ø150 mm 280°C 145-155
1000160 WS Gas cylinder Ø160 mm 280°C* 155-165
1000200 WS Gas cylinder Ø200 mm 280°C 198-208
1000210 WS Gas cylinder Ø210 mm 280°C* 205-215
1000250 WS Gas cylinder Ø250 mm 280°C 245-255
1000265 WS Gas cylinder Ø265 mm 280°C* 255-267
1000300 WS Gas cylinder Ø300 mm 280°C 295-307
1000316 WS Gas cylinder Ø316 mm 280°C* 311-321
1000350 WS Gas cylinder Ø350 mm 280°C* 340-350
1000400 WS Gas cylinder Ø400 mm 280°C* 390-400
1000450 WS Gas cylinder Ø450 mm 280°C* 440-450
1000500 WS Gas cylinder Ø500 mm 280°C 490-500
1000550 WS Gas cylinder Ø550 mm 280°C* 540-550
1000600 WS Gas cylinder Ø600 mm 280°C 590-600
1000700 WS Gas cylinder Ø700 mm 280°C 690-700
1000750 WS Gas cylinder Ø750 mm 280°C* 740-750
1000800 WS Gas cylinder Ø800 mm 280°C 790-800
1000900 WS Gas cylinder Ø900 mm 280°C 890-900
1001000 WS Gas cylinder Ø1000 mm 280°C 990-1000
* Can be used with WS Plus sealing lips


WS Plus Gas Cylinder

Part Number Description ID (mm)
1815008 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø8″ 340°C 180-215
1815009 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø9″ 340°C 215-240
1820010 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø10″ 340°C 240-265
1820011 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø11″ 340°C 265-290
1825012 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø12″ 340°C 290-315
1825013 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø13″ 340°C 315-330
1830014 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø14″ 340°C 330-360
1835016 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø16″ 340°C 370-400
1840018 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø18″ 340°C 420-450
1845020 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø20″ 340°C 470-500
1855024 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø24″ 340°C 570-600
1855026 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø26″ 340°C 625-655
1855028 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø28″ 340°C 675-705
1871030 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø30″ 340°C 725-755
1875032 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø32″ 340°C 770-805
1875034 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø34″ 340°C 825-860
1886036 WS Plus Gas cylinder Ø36″ 340°C 870-905

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