WS Purging Chamber

Key Features

  • Fully enclosed air tight purging chamber
  • Substantial cost savings in gas and time
  • Perfect for purging batch production of small critical fabrications
  • Patented sintered metal gas diffuser
  • Laminar flow of purge gas means zero turbulence within the chamber during purging


The Walter Schnorrer Purge chamber is designed to produce excellent results when welding critical fabrications in Stainless Steel, Titanium or other exotic materials. It has been widely used in aerospace and nuclear industries.

This system offers a more substational and longer lasting purge chamber than some of the inflatable versions which are available from competitors. The chamber is constrcted from see through polycarbonate and cannot be punctured of damaged from the heat created by the welding process.

The Purge Chamber is available in a circular configuration in 1000mm or 1500mm internal diameters. Square and rectangular models are available on request.

All the Purge Chambers are fitted with the gas diffuser system to ensure laminar flow of gas without turbulence.

Typical purge time for a 1000mm diameter chamber is 20 minutes at a gas flow rate of 100 litres per minute.

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