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The only way is up.

Welding table

When you think of welding tables and setting up your jigs for welding, do you always visualise it as working flat on the table?

Not anymore! With our great range of specialised tooling for our welding tables, you can make your welding so much easier by working three-dimensionally.

It may seem like it will be more difficult to do it that way, but we can assure you there are plenty of occasions when it is actually far easier to think vertical instead of horizontal.  You could give yourself far better access to your weld area, with the potential to complete a full seam on pipework for example, in one go without having to re-jig part way through.

With our huge range of stops, squares, adjustable angles, clamps, prisms and supports, you’d be hard pushed not to be able to build anything you needed.  As someone once said “If you can think it, you can achieve it”.

Siegmund have spent many years creating their welding tables and accessories, to make sure that every possibility has been covered.  Stops and squares have multiple fixing options, many are multifunctional. The bolts are quick release, as are the clamps.  And while we are on the subject of clamps, they come in a variety of types and sizes, some of which have angular adjustment. This shows once again the sheer versatility of the tools available with these fantastic welding tables.

It may sound like it will be difficult to hold the metalwork in place whilst you secure it, but with the innovative quick-release design, everything can be done one-handed. It can be achieved with one person, rather than relying on a colleague for help.  This frees up labour for other duties.

All of our welding tables come in a variety of sizes, to suit every process and budget.  There are three systems available 16, 22, or 28 depending on the weight and size of the welded component. For more information call us on 0116 2864343 or email