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Welding Tables Professional Extreme

Our Professional Extreme range of welding tables are manufactured by Siegmund. They are just about as tough as you can get for all your welding needs.

The surface hardness is up to 850 Vickers, meaning you would have to try really hard to damage this top of the range welding table. Do you or your staff have a tendency to put tools down a bit on the heavy side, or maybe not be as carefully as you might like?  That’s not a problem for this super tough welding table. Not only is it manufactured from a special tool steel (which is Siegmund’s own formulation) but it is also plasma nitrided and coated.

All of this means that this welding table offers a high resistance against scratching, denting and corrosion, and the accidental dropping of kit. You are going to really struggle to damage it!  The hardened coating also means that weld spatter will just bounce right off, leaving no mess behind. This results in an extremely hard wearing table for applications where precision engineering is required and where conventional welding tables fail to perform.

If that wasn’t enough to impress you, these welding tables are laid out in such a way that with our quick release tool kits, literally anyone can set out the jig for repeat orders once the plan has been set. Every stop, clamp and square is designed for simplicity. This means that your semi-skilled labour can easily set up for your welders, making the whole operation far more efficient and cost effective.   If you want to increase production and reduce costs to maximise the profits of your business and utilise your workforce in the most efficient manner, then these welding tables are for you!

All of our welding tables come in a variety of sizes, to suit every process and budget.  There are three systems available 16, 22, or 28 depending on the weight and size of the welded component. For more information call us on 0116 2864343 or email